When taking an individual’s photo, I have found that if I make the light interesting and have my subject look directly at me at eye level, then the photos emerge as much more powerful and personal. It is always fun to give portraits some movement and interesting angles, but sometimes the subjects themselves are so interesting that I don't want to take anything away from them. Check out more head shots here.


Oakland First Friday 

Every first friday each month, Downtown Oakland from 19th street to 25th on Telegraph Ave has artists of all types and food truck vendors that show what they have got to the public. I took a series of photos where I place a headshot of my subject next to a larger image of them to give a little bit of insight into what that person was like. See more Oakland locals here.


Three years ago, I was tasked with rebranding the Taleo brand. I came up with a lot of designs from the collateral to the look and feel of the website using a lot of negative space and strong visual elements. These are a few of the images that came from that shoot. Check out more of my seamless portraits here.

People Portraits

Speaking of my style being influenced by graffiti and the area I live in, here is a series of portraits where I did quite a bit of grungy post production work. 

Not that the photos were not interesting before, but these fun saturation and texture treatments were able to make these photos much more dramatic. I will usually pull the images into lightroom for my color, crop and other minor edits then I'll pull them into photoshop and really get crazy with them.

Yari Clothing Shoot

Photo shoot for an independent clothing designer.

Executive Portraits 

Check out more executive portraits here.