From May-June I got to travel to 5 countries for a client to do some branded lifestyle photography and film some customer videos. It was quite an amazing experience and though my team and I were super busy, I did get to explore a little and take some photos. Here are some images from that trip through Canada, Israel, Netherlands, England, and back to the US. 



I love traveling and taking shots of landscapes and nature. These are some fascinating places I have visited over the past two years: Yosemite National Park CA, Cape Hatteras NC and some other random shots that are removed from civilization.


I also LOVE the big city. There are joys to be seem around every corner, and I always try to bring my camera along. From my home in Oakland, CA, to my previous stay in Jacksonville, FL, here are some shots of the sprawling urban environments I admire. Check out more of my nature, landscape and outdoors photos here.