SXSW 2015

While working at SXSW this year I took every chance I had to walk around and snap some pics of the people I encountered during the day. This event was a treasure trove of interesting people and Im so lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. I hope these shots give you a look into the madness that is 6th street during SXSW.  



When I was working for Taleo during 2008-2011, I was also the event and portrait photographer. This gave me the opportunity to travel to San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Boston (just to name a few) and photograph a host of corporate events, executives and guest speakers. I learned much about how to travel with just the right gear and how to improvise for shoots on the spot.  

Bash In The Boro

My good friend an pro athlete Jeremy Mincey is from a small town in GA and every year he puts on a charity event in his neighborhood for the community to eat and listen to great music and fellowship with on another. It is an absolutely amazing event with performances from artist like Pastor Troy, the OMG Girls, JAK, JDash and many more. I would like to thank Jeremy for giving me the opportunity to go and document the event over the past few years and I'm looking forward to shooting it again this year.