Some of My Favorite Pieces 

Over the years I have done a host of different types of design projects. Many of them were brand based such as collateral systems, web site design, product launches and other branding projects. Others were one time jobs such as music, charity or corporate events. 

The Yosemite Project

Two of my good buddies and I went hiking in Yosemite and I took lots of photos while on this trip. Once I got back, I didn't want to just post them to Flickr and forget about them so I did something fun with them using type and some fun facts about the area. 

UnCorporate Brand

I really enjoy creating something from nothing. I give myself projects in my free time to challenge myself (sometimes just to see what will emerge). This project was a fun thought experiment for a corporate photography brand. 

Mr. Mince Productions

Branding and design for MMP recording studio in Jacksonville, FL.


I worked as a senior level designer before moving into an art director role with Taleo from 2009 to 2012.

Oakland District Project

When I first moved to Oakland I was so fascinated by the area and all the subtleties of each section of town that I decided to create a landscape series that portrayed prominent landmarks from each place. Once I got a shot that I felt represented that district and the emotion I felt while being there I created type driven logos for each. While doing this I did a little research on every location and posted a small paragraph for Wikipedia about them.

This is an ongoing project so stay tuned for more works to be added.