Lonely Chicago Morning

There is a time of day in every city around the world when the sun has risen but the city has not. Its a special time when the light is warm but the air is cool and you can actually hear the steps you take while walking down an empty street. You can almost feel the energy still buzzing from the day before as you try to take in all the sights you missed while trying to navigate through a maze of people rushing to their next appointment and homeless drug addicts asking for money. 

Your senses are heightened and you almost feel more alert due to the soft eerie sounds in the distance. There are some reminders that you have not wondered too far into this strange, lonely place but its as if they have been dampened or hidden. The sound of a car alarm in the distance and the occasional laughter or shout from an addict echoing through the alleys keep you continuously looking over your shoulder and thinking that it might have been a bad idea to be wondering alone with a camera in your hand and money in your pocket.   

But you keep going. You keep looking for what others pass everyday and don't see. Looking for a story to tell in a strangers look, a runner jogging, a janitor finishing their shift, or even rubbish on the ground. What stories are there to tell? Who were the last people here and are they different from any others I have encountered? 

You keep going because you are an addict yourself. You are addicted to the search; the hunt for the next great shot to share with your piers, colleagues, family, friends. These individuals that helped motivate, push, challenge and even suffered to get you to this moment and place in time. They are the source of comfort and strength that cause you to put fear on hold and push on for that one great shot.

I hope you enjoy this collection of images from my early morning walks in Chicago, Illinois.