A Day Trip to Jerusalem

First day off work in a while and I got to go do a little sight seeing. Jerusalem and Palestine were on the list for today and I have to say, Jerusalem was really interesting with all the christian relics and street vendors but Palestine was not fun, pretty or safe.

We walked a little ways to see the wall that was built to separate the Palestinian territory from Jerusalem and along the way we got a lot of dirty looks and even had a group of high school aged dudes try to yank my camera out of my hands and threw a glass bottle at use because we didn't give them money.  

We ended up finding a taxi (that wasn't a taxi, more like a large van) to pick us up and drive us to his buddy who was in a regular unmarked SUV but offered to drive us back to Tel Aviv. I guess the dude in the van didn't want to drive that far. So after we stopped with this new fella to get gas we were on our way back to the hotel starving and tired. We were told that Friday afternoon and most of Saturday everything would be shut down for the holy day but when we arrived back to Tel Aviv, it was full of people and the streets were packed so we were able to find food and a drink and all is well.

Here are some shots from the adventure.