The Came 7800 Gimbal

I just unboxed my new Came-7800 gimbal and wanted to give my feedback. Out of the box, everything seems ready to go and for never having used one, i was able to put it together and start using it within the hour. 

Comparing it to walking around by hand it is unbelievably better. The joystick for turning is very smooth and it has several different programed settings that work nice in the order they are in.

My rating is overall an 8 out of 10. Heres why it isn't a 10:

1. It lost points for focusing the camera. I was unaware (prob bad homework on my part) that there is no device that connects to your camera to focus while you are shooting. Im sure there are devices/tools you can buy or make to fix this but it was something I found out once I started shooting. 

2. They give you the option to get a TV monitor with the kit. GET IT! Having no monitor means you really cant see what you are shooting. Add that to no way to focus and it makes everything much more difficult.

3. The battery and battery charger is cheap. Mine works fine but there is no telling for how long and I found LOTS of people online who had issues with them. I am going to be investing in a new battery and charger today. 

4. When I set up the camera I didn't know the battery was not charged (charger is not very intuitive) so when i balanced the camera and turned it on, the device beeped non-stop like an alarm. I found out this is what happens when the battery is low.

Here is a quick video I did around the apartment real fast to show the smoothness. Enjoy :)